This floating infinity pool in Dubai is billed as the world’s first ‘spherical infinity pool’

The idea is to float on “water just afloat on an exclusive indoor and outdoor pool”

The high-end rental pool opened at the Sukhumvit Hotel in Dubai. A total of $3,000 per night gets you the WaterBar, your own space and ultimate luxury: The world’s first spherical infinity pool. The pool stretches 771 feet across and is divided into two sections. The 820-square-foot Area 1 has two private plunge pools, a massive infinity pool and an infinity bar — surrounded by reflections and hammocks. Elsewhere in the 771-foot area there are two infinity pools and an infinity bar. So yep, that whole pool seems to circle the hotel.

The pool is also the first to have a hotel bar on top. (Photography by Los Angeles-based designer Pascal Jean.)

The hotel’s S2 Tower on the eighth floor already features a retractable roof above the pool, though the open ends of the pool slide from the edge of the eighth floor directly into the shallow side of the pool (don’t ask). (Photography by Los Angeles-based designer Paris Oroga.)

So what’s so magical about this indoor-outdoor infinity pool? Well, it’s basically a floating swimming pool with a retractable roof, stretching to 771 feet across. That also means you can climb onto the deck or stand on a ledge at the side of the pool. The WaterBar offers a 360-degree view of Dubai. The 400-square-foot Area 2 has just two plunge pools — and a disco. (Photography by Los Angeles-based designer Mariah Oleguiani.)

From the moment you walk in, though, you’re immediately drawn to the infinity pool’s second floor location. Based on the videos and photos of the room, the pool is a design triumph. It’s a kaleidoscope of ambient light and large and small details that create this perfect representation of infinity.

There are only six suites within the WaterBar. And yes, they’re all named after fishing boats.

The pool opened at the Sukhumvit Hotel in Dubai on May 25.

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