MICHELLE HABERMAN: Republican Base Fears Trump, GOP Establishment Fears #RESIST

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Michelle says for her, the biggest change is how the Republican Party has taken on an air of “them against us” and looks.

After a contentious closed door meeting between GOP leaders and President Trump last month, the Republican National Committee (RNC) tweeted out this tweet about it.

We’ve had productive conversations over the last two days about how the Republican Party can better work together and put the party first. To that end, we made the following announcements: pic.twitter.com/F41dYcA5Ug — RNC (@GOP) January 18, 2018

That tweet caused a firestorm of backlash on social media, especially in conservative circles, with many criticizing President Trump’s behavior and political tactics.

Appearing on the Brian Kilmeade show, Michelle said the RNC is trying to change the tone of the party, adding “in that meeting with President Trump there was a lot of talk about moving in that direction but the Republicans who were at the meeting were not able to move him. They were still fearful of Trump.”

MICHELLE HABERMAN, “The following meetings, we all know about them, we all see them and they are really important because those meetings are happening on the RNC’s dime.”

Kilmeade then asked whether the Republican establishment is truly in Trump’s pocket or a fool for believing them.

HABERMAN said “I think they are very sincere and I think they are a group of Republican consultants, former Republican consultants, people who are afraid of Trump. A lot of them work for the RNC, they’re all on retainer and their on the payroll at this point and for them it is just about survival at this point. They believe there is a tremendous amount of fear of Trump and of what he is trying to do for the country and that is why they are pulling on everything that they can to stop him and to push back on him. They have figured out that Trump is going to be the nominee and they are going to have to deal with him.”


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