At 71, this British artist is exploring a new world

Caroline Tilbury is among a handful of photographers recognized for a greater skill — she is an artist-photographer, having coined the word “photo-maker” to describe her profession. Her career really took off when, in 1977, the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year awarded her one of the first wildlife photography prizes in the organization’s history, for a picture she took of a scarlet macaw. Now Tilbury is one of Time magazine’s Time 100, and it is the lovely evolution of her exceptional work that is featured in “Rise of an Artist,” an interview with her about life in the wilderness, working on the planet, and the wonders of the British Isles. A great deal of interest in her work stems from the fact that she worked with some great big cats in the game reserve she discovered on her first job. That experience led her to finding this opening to a whole other world of experience.

Read the full story at TIME magazine.


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