Bishop Hill CEO J. Christian Graham: There’s A Serious Problem With Plants & Animal Genetics

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SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY: J. Christian Graham says it’s more than just genetic engineering. Speaking with FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, the CEO of Bishop Hill gives Varney a special demonstration on synthetic biology.

The Bishop Hill company was formed in 1992 as a laboratory for preclinical testing of products. However, over the last fifteen years, the technology has evolved to the point where they can now create synthetic proteins. They can do so in a way that not only does it kill viruses but also creates safety protocols.

But there’s a limit to how far synthetic biology can go. Graham shares, “There’s a serious problem with plants. Crop genetics doesn’t allow plants to take out cancer cells. That’s essentially what cancer is – it’s a virus taking out cancer cells. You cannot plant a plant with that capability because of plant genetics. So, there’s a challenge with plants. Another one is that animal genetics won’t allow you to take out antiretroviral drugs.”

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