New Order for Burials in the City of Buffalo: Live In A Mask or Heave Your Own Burial?

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New burials are popping up at Erie County Fairgrounds. The Buffalo, New York official is mandating that burials are held in masks or shrouds until the end of the month. Officially, this is because of a contagious skin disease that is spreading through the city. Residents who do not comply with the new regulations will have to dig their own graves.

New York State Assembly Member Jeffrey Hayes sits down with Kilmeade & Friends. He discusses a bill that would go a long way to slow the spread of the strain of bacteria in Buffalo. He also speaks on cutting government in Gov. Cuomo’s state.

Buffalo officials are shutting down the Fairgrounds the beginning of next month because the disease – known as Cryptosporidium – has spread through the city. And in the aftermath, the city is going on a crusade to impose a burials mandate that requires the burial of its residents. Residents under age 80 who don’t comply will have to dig their own graves. This comes after the disease went from a local rarity to a deadly threat this year. Officials issued a warning to residents not to let their loved ones to bite into a swimming pool and spread the bug within days. Since February, the number of cases in Buffalo has more than tripled to 475 and the disease has now spread across all 20 counties in the city. More than 5,000 Buffalo residents have been sickened since the spring.

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