Alec Baldwin on Donald Trump’s presidency: ‘You’re two steps above that’

Alec Baldwin’s latest humor riff, in which the actor mockingly trolls Donald Trump in an episode of his webseries #WhoIsYourDaddy, has inspired other actors and comedic actors to engage in far more provocative digs at the White House.

Joining the spoof is Daniel Bergner, who, for a 2002 short called “Rude Awakening,” went an almost identical route as Baldwin and depicts one of his marriage partners, Jennifer DiGiallonardo, taking her fiancé, Robert Wolf, out on a first date during Bush’s term.

In Lundgren’s case, however, he’s more direct.

“It’s crazy,” the former bodybuilder told David Letterman in a recent interview. “You know, we should do an Alec Baldwin, Dolph Lundgren parody movie about how insane it is. That’s what I have to tell our president. Just think about it. You’re not the dumbest person ever to run for president, Dolph. You’re two steps above that.”

Letterman: “You just came out with ‘Oil and water.’”

Lundgren: “We just came out with a day-in-the-life of the US president-elect. Oil and water, yeah, that’s it. We’ve come up with almost everything that he did.”

Lundgren said he believes Trump’s biggest fault is that he isn’t thin-skinned enough.

“And, unfortunately, when you meet one person who’s always offended by it, that means there’s something you haven’t said that’s just as offensive to them,” he said. “So then if you call them out, you got a problem with them.

“So you got to get smart, because it can be a lot of pressure on you. That’s why I hope they bring in another president. You know what I mean?”


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