Chief Meteorologist: Storms Will Be ‘Cloudy, Damp’ Over Week-Long Week of Storms

The trial of James Baker went to the jury Thursday, after the prosecution showed more than 60 minutes of video footage of the slain 69-year-old from his home on the morning of August 10, 2018.

Jurors watched five hours of the short video which showed Baker kneeling on his back, while home surveillance cameras captured his entire plan to kill Christine Elliott.

The surveillance footage showed Baker, who was not at home at the time, going into Elliott’s home and asking to speak to a woman. When he tried to speak to Elliott he was met with “smack talk,” which led him to feel threatened, the prosecution said.

Moment after the argument, Baker grabbed a gun from his car and stood over Elliott while she was recording him. He shot her twice and then took her phone and shot her again.

Baker’s defense team claimed he acted in self-defense, but the prosecution said Baker showed no restraint in his decision to shoot Elliott while she was filming.

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