Gucci: I Live It Up, TicTacs: Back of House, Rosewood Hotels


There’s nothing more ostentatious than purchasing a designer handbag that is the size of your head, which is how long Gucci’s Rosewood Hotel boutique holds out the “Evita bag.” A black satin satchel that’s the size of an oversized baby grand piano set sits on a marble vanity, rising with the wave of a bejeweled bow over your head (or hands, depending on your preference). The handbag retails for $10,750, and it’s one of the highlights of the spacious store. The lobby is themed after Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection and radiates luxury and glamour. In fact, it would be hard to look at the white walls and black marble bar without thinking of the brand’s theme, which sees Lady Gucci watching a lover glide through a musical score as her actual ears pop and snap. “Just because you have the means to buy a Gucci doesn’t mean you want to. You want to be surrounded by these epic events,” said Alexandra Moghe, a publicist who posed for a picture with the bag.


Gucci created 11 classic Tivoli digital loudspeakers as a gift for Americans.


A Gucci boutique inside the Rosewood Hotel, Los Angeles’ most-mall-like hotel, is well-suited for this sort of extravagance, such as when Gucci created 11 classic Tivoli digital loudspeakers. The store overflows with pieces for men and women, including $4,145 oversized geodes and $5,000 monogrammed daisy bags. The white walls are semi-translucent and covered with ample signage advertising the house, the store, and products. It even has a dedicated closet for the “Home of Gucci,” like the back office. A standalone Gucci boutique is also located in New York’s Upper East Side, and there’s another in Paris. The Grande Palais in Rome is slated to open. Other efforts to establish a foothold in the United States are underway, including a store in J.C. Penney’s that will carry men’s items this fall.

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