Zika virus infection hits Europe; travel revenue at risk

Viruses in the region have infected 170,067 people so far this year and a further 9,635 contracts have been confirmed, according to Reuters.

It could result in around $2.4 billion in losses this year, compared to $2.1 billion last year, although this may be less in 2018, even without any more cases of Zika and other Zika-like illnesses.

The figure is in part due to the drop in revenues from the commercial and public health industries, as cases of such diseases impact operations. In particular, tourists who have canceled trips due to Zika-related illnesses have delayed visiting Europe, while European government tourist sales have dropped due to warnings that only Zika is a public health concern.

Although travel agents have lost big in lost bookings, there has been a “surge in tourist activity” in eastern and northern parts of the continent, Reuters reported.

Despite the losses, travel experts expect leisure booking fees to rise as a result of the virus, as people opt for a second opinion or consider delays.

More details are available at Reuters.

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