Hannity & Hannity Lawyer: “This Is a Completely Ridiculous Piece of Fiction”

WATCH: Sean Hannity and Sean Hannity Lawyer Ryan Whittaker on The Hunt for the Clinton Emails, Who Represents the Clintons?

At a time when Republican critics have accused the Obama administration of secret litigation in order to evade oversight of certain domestic actions, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) on Monday questioned Assistant Attorney General John Gore at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing about so-called “secret” litigation, referring to a recent federal court ruling on mandatory drug testing. “Can we expect more of the same?” Grassley asked Gore.

Ryan Whittaker, a Washington attorney for Hannity and co-host of The Hunt for the Clinton Cash podcast, said such allegations were unmerited. “This is a completely ridiculous piece of fiction that has been dug up by members of our media, members of your committee, and I believe members of this committee, who are obviously pointing a finger at our client because his client is President Trump and they are now looking for anything they can to discredit him,” Whittaker said.

Hannity and Whittaker have been dogged by liberal media allegations they are working with software entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes, a founder of Theranos and a staunch supporter of the Clintons.

Whittaker, an openly gay Republican, said Hannity and Holmes had been dating on and off since 2011. Hannity previously told Fox News they dated briefly and have not been romantically involved since 2014. Holmes made headlines when she founded a health care technology company — Theranos — that was touted as the “next big thing” and sold to Walgreens for $9.2 billion. Since 2012, Theranos has been under intense scrutiny over its blood testing technology. Most recently, documents emerged showing that Holmes is leading a secretive side business that sells fancy gadgets for accessing secret cybersecurity networks. Despite concerns about the company’s business practices, company insiders call its technology “the next great cancer breakthrough.” Holmes has denied any wrongdoing in the wake of the allegations.

Hannity, who lives in Palm Beach County, Florida, and Holmes, who lives in Palo Alto, California, could not be reached for comment.

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