Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Joseph Baena Set to Star in New Movie

BRAVO Media — Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s teenage son Joseph Baena (BAY-NO RK) is set to star in a new movie that will film in Hawaii.

The 16-year-old filed a lawsuit earlier this year claiming his father wrongfully terminated his parental rights and has been raising him as his own son since 2014, when Joseph was just 10-years-old. Joseph’s mother, Mildred Baena, died in 2016.

TMZ first reported Baena’s new project on Monday. It is a remake of the French movie, “Ernest in Bossa Nova Sunset,” starring Lambert Wilson.

The lawsuit claims Joseph was raised by his father, who knew the lawsuit was coming and planned it ahead of time.

The lawsuit goes on to say that Joseph is now “truly sorry” for how he handled things, and is moving forward with his life.

The suit, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, stated that not only did Joseph not receive proper medical care, he was forced to flee from his father because of harassment. Joseph also claimed his father moved him to Austria in the middle of his brain tumor surgery to avoid scrutiny, according to the suit.

In recent years, the two have seen a number of celebrity friends. Joseph was seen cozying up to Susan Sarandon at a Golden Globes party last year, and the two had dinner at The Ivy last December.

Joseph’s mother is also an actress, having had roles in the film “Unforgiven” in 1982 and the TV series “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” in 2006.

Arnold, for his part, has stayed out of the spotlight since he and Maria Shriver split in 2011.

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