‘Adverse’ weather impacts UK wine availability

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Government estimates that domestic wine sales have fallen £100m since it stopped enforcing regulations

The shortage of alcohol in the UK could continue well into the winter as British winemakers cope with a drop in demand and increased competition.

Last week the British government announced plans to ban the sale of alcohol in petrol stations and supermarkets, particularly on Sundays.

The move comes amid worries about the shortage caused by EU exit.

John Mutton, chairman of the Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), said the solution was for a similar retail model in the EU.

“The EU delivers more wine than any other trading bloc in the world and needs British winemakers,” he said.

‘Death knell’

The government has not announced any measures to boost the UK’s supply of spirits and wine.

However, WSTA estimates that demand is down 15%, and that domestic sales of wine have fallen £100m since the government started enforcing regulations barring selling wine and spirits on Sundays.

“It’s a death knell for an industry that is doing the best it can in a difficult environment,” WSTA’s chief executive Miles Beale said.

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