Your Rights When Visiting a Psychologist By the “I-Team” Team for FOX Business – July 17,


With the government’s threat of closing down all immigration related offices and contractors, “the I-Team” has discovered a network of unlicensed contractors who come to your door disguised as attorneys.

These so-called “Department of Homeland Security immigration consulting” agents operate from offices all across New Jersey and now from Florida, where a well known company called “Matching Grounds” operates under the FTC Registration Agreement.

“They’re like snake oil salesmen that represent themselves as some type of legal expert. They tell people that they can get ahold of someone to help them get an expedited visa,” said Denise G. Newman, a co-author of “Your Rights When Visiting a Psychologist.”

On a corner in a Florida apartment complex, a short man with a crooked tie stands behind a fake lectern. Beneath the white paper veil is a blue “ninja” symbol bearing power words such as “False Flag.”

“We need to protect our borders and we need to protect our borders from terrorists,” Gohmert said.

In short, these merchants of deception engage in fraud and may even have links to smuggling. But there’s a catch, they don’t have a license to practice law in your state, and if they do anything against federal law while working for you, they could be in trouble.

At a hospital in Fort Pierce, Florida, an immigration consulting agent named Carl D. Lindenfelser comes by the patient’s door dressed as a licensed physician.

“They dress up in scrubs. They try to give these people a sense of legitimacy, and they’re able to gain access to these people’s files without their knowledge,” Newman said.

Newman said the smaller unscrupulous enterprises approach individuals with the U.S. Government’s assistance. However, their goal is often to scheme unsuspecting Americans to enter the country illegally.

“They feel they’re being used to get people into the country that they would have otherwise not got into the country,” Newman said.

The “I-Team” visited New Jersey’s six immigration related government offices and found most of them operating at shadows and making no pretense of doing their jobs.

“I-Team” investigators discovered:

“The I-Team” obtained an email from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director that indicated agents who work with the I-Team’s small, unlicensed contractor operations are not vetted. USCIS is the federal agency that adjudicates applications for green cards, and it has final say on whether or not a visa applicant is able to enter the country.

While USCIS is the entity that issues visas, it’s not licensed in New Jersey and does not have a permit in this state. The offices where employers’ employees go to apply for a green card are licensed in New Jersey.

This photo was snapped inside a government office in New Jersey and shows a storefront office. Because the government office no longer employs any workers, it was checked against a list of licensing associations.

Included in the photo is a sign that reads, “This is not an office for immigration workers. Please take what you see to the police.” The “I-Team” left copies of the photo and information of the license number so New Jersey officials could investigate the license number.

The state of New Jersey is expanding investigations into all the licensees in its state. State investigators are closely looking at the business’ methods and patterns.

“It takes a special kind of criminal to master the art of the gold digger,” Newman said.

Earlier this year, Gov. Chris Christie placed a moratorium on licensing of immigration consultants throughout New Jersey, and calls the I-Team’s findings alarming.

An ongoing FOX Business special report on “IRS Problems and Fraud” airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET.

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