OMB sends message to feds on whether to light up at work: You’ve got to let me know

WASHINGTON – The Office of Personnel Management has issued a directive for federal employees who want to light up. OPM clarified the new reporting requirements that apply for employees wishing to light up at work under the Affordable Care Act. Federal employee now have 48 hours to present their signed forms to an OPM employee, according to OPM.

A draft guidance memo has been released for OPM seeking comments on a proposal related to the Federal Select Agent program that would require Title IV SES employees who work outside the government to report for a one-year induction and 360-day satisfaction review.

The Executive Office of the President will issue an executive order that focuses on “privacy at work.” This executive order is due to be published on Monday.

The Department of Homeland Security plans to use the 2019 fiscal year budget request to meet the requirements of a bipartisan bill passed in June that doubled fines on companies that do not comply with immigration fraud reporting requirements, according to DHS budget documents provided to the Washington Examiner.

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