12 incredible and, in one case, stupid ‘Dancing with the Stars’ judges’ reactions

Written by Staff Writer by CNN Staff Writer

Who said dancing’s the ultimate mind game? Most of us might not immediately think of abrasion doctors as our poetic counterparts, but that’s exactly what in an ocean of talent and artistic styles, the results are.

Remember the squeaking duck? Who can forget the water doing the bowl wiggles? Not at a “Dancing with the Stars” finale, obviously.

But when the time comes for the curtains to come down and the ‘final 10’ dancers to take to the stage, “Dancing with the Stars” has produced its most extravagant and revealing results ever. And it would be easy to assume the season finale of Season 30 was just a tease for viewers — 90 seconds of a premier dancer prancing away and being followed by another model, right? Well, not quite.

Here’s what to expect from that dance floor, courtesy of the off-camera dancers: Several magnificent facial expressions, unexpected-to-the-watching public confessions, innumerable ad-libs, various tears and uncontrollable wiggles.

According to the castaways, they were “too exhausted and stressed” to host the show properly, the choreographers weren’t paid enough for their efforts, and they were “super stressed and super emotional” coming out as the final two partners of the show.

Crazy camera angles and lighting, mind-blowing choreography, slight drop in quality from the opening set of performances.

“It’s one of the best finals in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ history because we truly have had our heart broken at the end of every one of them,” judge Len Goodman said.

The Season 30 finale will air Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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