WATCH: Amnesty International to Launch Thousands-Strong Women of the World March

Live Video: Amnesty International Launches Its Women of the World March

Amnesty International is launching a massive march from London to London Wednesday, in protest of the Tories’ “sweeping changes to asylum law.”

The women’s rights group is calling for Parliament to “stop shirking its responsibilities and repeal the Immigration Act 2017, which has led to scores of women fleeing Burma facing unfair deportation.”

Organizers expect tens of thousands of women and men to march to Parliament, calling on the government to abolish the draconian law and allow for safe passage of asylum seekers.

The march is dubbed “Women of the World March.”

“Women are being directly hit by the government’s new immigration laws that make illegal movement by asylum seekers more difficult and expose them to persecution and torture if they are caught,” Amnesty Director of UK and Ireland Kate Allen said.

“Thousands of people, many of them women, have been caught up in these new rules and are now being treated unfairly by immigration officials and suffering ill-treatment in the British criminal justice system.”

Follow the march here.

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