South Africa’s high-speed train to Olympics

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Next year’s World Cup in Russia is one of sport’s biggest landmarks in history but yet again is a season plagued by major transport problems. South Africa is on the cusp of hosting the 2023 edition.

CA President, Irene Schulze, suggested action could be taken to address the problem at the global level.

“We want to have a strong debate on it for next year and also as part of the review of the [2018] World Cup and all major sports events. What do we need to do as a global sport governing body?” she said.

CEO of Sport and Recreation Enterprise, Andre Looft,

“If it’s a political issues, there are always solutions for that and there are solutions that we are going to be looking at for next year.”

SA is due to host one of the most iconic sports events.

African Cup of Nations

The Cape Town Metro Police Service (CPMPS) are fully aware of the potential severity of any embarrassing problems at the venue and are on high alert.

“If we have any incidents or if the goods do not arrive in good time, that will be it. Anything that needs to be taken, we would immediately. We will intervene and we will help the government, we are not going to sit by and do nothing,” an officer told South African Sports News.

Caxton Fan Club member, Alan Kizito stated: “It’s good that we’ll have big-ticket events but our suburbs, schools, hospitals are suffering every day of the week. In South Africa, our infrastructure is an issue and there’s no real investment because everybody has become wealthy.”

Coach of the South African Football Association’s (SAFA) international relations committee, Elijah Thuma,

“I don’t think the event will create any hassle for the people because we will have plenty of advice to the people who are traveling. We’ve always had issues before with countries like Turkey or any of these countries, there are always challenges from time to time.”

He added: “We know that in Africa we have issues that would arise. It just has to be managed. We would like to say this is South Africa, an African country that everybody can come and enjoy an event like this.”

Sports Prep Manager, John Ramakers,

While noting the concern expressed by Schulze about transport issues being raised by voters in the upcoming election on August 3rd, Ramakers said he feels that in future these concerns can be managed.

He stated: “I feel that the Government and government-related agencies should be getting the resources to ensure it is done early. If you look at the stadiums, they are not even ready. You need to start analysing transport for stadiums.

“The XVs host stadiums haven’t started under the IDC and are not ready. So, I think those things have to be looked at. If people are putting pressure on local councils, local municipalities should be underfunded and can play a bigger role in infrastructure or transport for local events and large scale international events. I think there is a possibility that in the future it is managed well.”

Make Joburg a Better Place

“2018 was something we haven’t done [that] should’ve been looked at before, if it was done properly it wouldn’t be an issue. No country has every come up with everything 100% and made the best of it. We are trying to work with the SAFA and the City of Cape Town to make sure it happens, we understand the need for the staff from the private sector to come onboard. To make it successful with private sports at the event, it’s good for them and it helps them.”

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