Playboy Playmate Takes Issue With Keanu Reeves’ Claim He’s ‘Married Under the Eyes of God’

A former Playboy Playmate has taken umbrage with Keanu Reeves’ recent claim he’s “married under the eyes of God.”

“It’s beneath me to be embarrassed by the outward trappings of celebrity. So I’m not,” Teyana Taylor said. “And yes, we have already started talking about having a child.”

Taylor, 32, stars in the thriller “Inferno,” which will open in theaters on Feb. 2. The showbiz vet also acted in “Raze” and “The Knick,” which premiered on the Cinemax network in August.

“The film is all about deception and faith. As an actress, my character is a battle between two sides: her faith versus a man’s greed and how she comes to forgiveness for him and his crime,” she said.

Despite the film’s Christian and Biblical themes, Taylor actually attended a Beyonce concert.

“She talked about Jesus for like an hour and a half. I was like, ‘I’m so glad I went. That was my highlight.’ I was standing up and singing along,” Taylor said.

While she often gets lumped into a hip-hop category, Taylor doesn’t necessarily fit in with many other R&B stars.

“We don’t like to be in line with other people. But I just love women. I love women of all types. I love. I love.”

When TMZ’s cameras asked if she’s always meant to be in the entertainment industry, Taylor cracked, “The only reason I wanted to become an actress is that my brother is a director and I just thought it would be cool to see his passion. And he said to me, ‘I think you could do it.'”

In previous interviews, Reeves has said that he wanted to be married as well as alive.

And when asked whether he thinks about marrying his wife again at some point, he said, “Yeah, hopefully.”

Fox News’ Leslie McGill contributed to this report.

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