Listen to Mickey Guyton’s latest album I Was Right

Country singer Mickey Guyton is in New York for the American Country Awards, celebrating a Nominations Party at the JW Marriott this week. Guyton, who has been nominated for two American Country Awards, the ACM Awards and the Taste of Country Awards, was in London last summer for an appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man. She told us, “I am the bigger fan of each one of these nights than anyone,” and she’s in a celebratory mood over all the success her career has recently had.

“It’s absolutely amazing to receive these nominations, particularly being recognised for country music, where there’s so much excellence in other genres, so it’s so nice to see some people getting acknowledgement for country music, for all of the hard work that went into this record, a songwriter’s dream,” she says. “Honestly, before this album came out, I didn’t expect to be here at all, you know? I just wanted to record great songs, and be able to make records like I would love to make, you know?

“Just the way that my fanbase has grown, it’s been such a long road, and then it’s amazing to finally get to hear my name out there!” she says, beaming with excitement.

Guyton’s third album, I Was Right, was released on March 23 and follows 2011’s One on One. The Nashville-based singer says she’s been working so hard “that I haven’t even been able to sit down and watch any movies” and says she is currently “blown away” by the positive feedback she’s received so far.

“I love having new fans and having people like ‘We love what you did with I Was Right’ and that’s wonderful, that’s why I made the record, so I could share that,” she says. “That’s always a nice to hear, that people feel that’s how they feel.”

Guyton’s willingness to answer questions and to engage in musical conversation is what has made her an appealing and popular figure in the music industry. She says she’s grateful for all the support she’s received so far, and that although she always encourages artists to let their music do the talking, she uses the personal stuff as ammunition to connect with her fans. “I think of the words and the melody, because there’s so much if what I do is good, but it has to complement the lyrics,” she says. “It’s just a nice sounding record. I think it’s one of my most fun records.

“I just hope that people who have loved my past records enjoy this one as much as they liked the first one.”

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