Carole Baskin on Oceans: The ‘Eco-Open World’ Means That When It Collapses, We Could Be Screwed

Whether it’s pollution or something else, marine life suffers as a result of overfishing and the decline of coral reefs, writes Carole Baskin of the recent history of the “Tiger King” on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria.”

Carole Baskin said: “At the end of the day, it’s all about the planet. It’s all about what we do with our nature, whether it’s wild animals, whether it’s pollution and the type of ways we are running water systems and the type of things we are putting in our seas.”

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She cited a recent report by the Environment Defense Fund entitled “The Rising Cost of Global Warming: An Ecological Cost Estimate,” which said that without urgent action, the world’s oceans could be underwater in 50 years, and the same report showed there’s a threat to coral reefs.

“It’s all about the environment, and what we do with our environment. Our ways are tied to our income,” said Baskin.

Marine biologists and marine engineers describe some examples of ocean architecture, the bridge that connects North and South America, or just how highly practical it is to have saltwater instead of fresh water being piped through an aqueduct. But Baskin pointed out that this ocean infrastructure also has the potential to unravel further.

“Since we’re still building things, or designing them, the ocean is literally breaking apart and you can go back in history and see how these building projects, such as hydropower plants, washed away,” she said.

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