4 drinks that you should think twice about during the summer

Thanks to spring break, Memorial Day and Cinco de Mayo, alcohol consumption over the summer is anticipated to increase. Summer also means the beginning of football season. And the music festivals are nothing to be scoffed at. But when it comes to holiday celebrations, everyone tends to go for the easy stuff — beer and liquor — which is not necessarily the best way to enjoy the fun times.

So, what’s a drinker to do? For many traditions, limiting booze might be a good strategy, particularly for boozers that are looking to drink responsibly.

Here are some drinks that you may want to think twice about downing in the short term:

Ring Around the Rose (Cinco de Mayo): A long afternoon of sipping on tequila with your favorite old-school musicians. With Rose, it would be tricky to ask for, well, anything other than regular tequila. You’ll want to steer clear of any mezcal. Instead, an espresso stout or an Americano would be welcome.

Round of Applause (USA Beer Championships): More than a drinking contest, the USA Beer Championships is a competition between American craft breweries to see who can produce the most flavorful beer. One of the best ways to take advantage of the day is to simply grab your favorite from a brewery and accompany it with a red or white wine (or hopefully other liquid refreshment). Use as much sauce as you feel like. But you should feel free to have dessert afterward.

Boiler Room (Cinco de Mayo): Remember that at many of these festivities, you’ll be drinking with hundreds of others — some with more alcohol than others. With other events, like football, sometimes you’ll end up on the field for several hours in a row. So, go for a light beer. And, with the other activities, maybe a glass of wine.

Malty Punch (Memorial Day): Set in the Mojave desert, this cocktail is extremely thirst-quenching, and it’s low on alcohol — about 70 proof. If you’re attending a concert with a band, see what they’re playing and then turn the volume down to half. While the setting is not going to be conducive to trying other drinks, you’ll be glad you didn’t overindulge.

Funnel Cake (Memorial Day): Using funnel cake to mix and roll cocktails is something one might not easily think of. Of course, if you’re willing to drink moonshine, then go for it. But keep this drink out of your Bloody Mary, and watch out for good-humored mixologists who will tell you you’re crazy if you don’t add something to the mix.

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